Pollution is generally limited to commercial activities, although cross connection of washing machines to rainwater gullies and disposal of batteries to landfill are typical of household pollution.

The Environmental Agency are responsible for dealing with pollution and have the power to use civil sanction and fine businesses that cause ground, land or air pollution.

A pollution incident costs an average of £30,000 for businesses in fines, clean up charges and production losses. But remediation costs – fish restocking, removing contaminated land or cleaning up groundwater can be many tens of thousands, even millions, of pounds. As such, it is important for businesses to mitigate the risk of pollution by having regular audits carried out by independent consultants.

We can assist clients by carrying out annual audits of processes that can be incorporated into other assessments, such as ISO 14001, to evaluate the risk of pollution through manufacturing or other business operations. We can also assist in the creation of an environmental management system (EMS) that will plan how to manage short, medium and long-term environmental effects of manufacturing or operation.

Where clients deal with chemicals or other toxic substances, we can also take ground, water and air samples of surrounding areas to analyse at our laboratory that will help identify any potential microbiological issues.