A wide range of building surveys are available, which can be tailored to meet individual client requirements. All surveys are carried out by chartered building engineers and surveyors, with reports recognised by the Council of Mortgage Lenders.

Typical surveys include:

Building Engineering Services Condition Surveys

Typically carried out as part of investment, tenancy, disposal or lettings, a condition survey will highlight the condition of mechanical, electrical and public health services installed and provide key liabilities regarding lifecycle, maintenance costs, energy and suitability for type of use. Condition surveys are deemed by most property professionals as critical decision making components in building acquisition.

Dilapidation Survey

A survey of the mechanical, electrical and public health (MEP) services installed as part of the surrender of a tenancy. The survey will undertake a review of the services as installed at the time of the tenancy commenced and provide a cost breakdown of the tenant liability under the lease agreement.

Diagnostic Surveys

These surveys use technical equipment and experience to diagnose issues that may exist in heating, ventilation, cooling, plumbing or electrical systems. Diagnostics is often complex requiring a full understanding of the systems in place and can assit clients in solving direct problems such as loss of power or heating to more compound issues such as internal overheating, underperformance of plant, condensation, air quality and mould. We are also able to diagnose factors commonly associated with sick building syndrome.

Thermal Imaging Survey

Used to identify the thermal efficiency of the building fabric, as well as highlight advantageous gains for renewable energy. Reports contain valuable imagery that can be used as standalone documents or used in conjunction with other survey reports.

Thermal Imaging is also used to diagnose potential faults in mechanical plant, building fabric, pipes and cables, carried out as part of other surveys.

Sustainability Assessment

A completely holistic assessment of the buildings environmental impact and ability to produce low carbon/renewable energy. These assessments can range from general overviews to detailed design documents and are always carried out by chartered building engineers who have proven track record in sustainability and hold chartered environmentalist status. Areas include energy, water, waste, recycling, pollution as well as occupant behaviour (environmental psychology).

These assessments are ideal for clients with existing buildings wishing to reduce the environmental impact or those with new development and looking to create a more sustainable environment with BREEAM award.

Behaviour Change Assessment can also provide important data as part of sustainability assessments where staff or occupant have contributing factors.

Renewables/Low Zero Carbon Energy Survey

This is a technical design survey producing a report to highlight where types of renewable energy are appropriate and detailing energy savings, CO2 reduction, risk to business, capital cost and return on investment (ROI). It will also highlight the latest government funding or incentives where applicable.