Waste to landfill has a negative environmental impact due to the contamination of soil and ground water. Landfill also produces methane as part of the decay of organic waste, which is a potent greenhouse gas.

Reducing the amount of waste to landfill can be achieved through reducing the amount of material used by the manufacturer and by the end user, and recycling.

In the UK only around 20% of non-commercial materials are recycled, whilst other European countries manage to recycle as much as 65% (Holland).

As much as 60% of commercial waste can be recycled and financial savings are achievable as an added benefit to the reduction in environmental impact.

We are able to provide clients with waste and recycling audits that establish the quantity of waste created and where it originates. We can also report on the amount of recyclable materials that are available and provide CO2e and financial data to highlight where changes are best targeted.